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- Andreas, Switzerland

"You guys have absolutely phenomenal support."

- Michael, Germany

"Great Picture"

- Sid, Panama

"This is a great service Thank you for doing this. I appreciate it keep up the great work"

- Babak, UK

"Wow, you know what? The picture is crystal-clear. I'm a picky HD fanatic and this is amazing!"

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Watch US TV Overseas - Australia

How it works

Through a combination of the latest Slingbox™ technology and carrier-class hosting solutions in the US and UK to bring you your TV online! We allow you to stream high quality television signals over the Internet to whichever device you want! wherever you want! Whenever you want! - to your laptop or desktop PC, TV or mobile phone (Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android etc)

We will sign you up for your own TV account and install a real TV set-top box in our facility for you. We connect it to your very own Slingbox™ video encoding hardware which streams from your set-top box so you can access your TV online.

We manage your Slingbox™ and DVR in our data center. We keep it connected to multiple OC192 internet uploads providing our customers with the highest quality video and sound available today. Your hardware is monitored and managed so you dont have too.

Free Demo of US & TV Online - Hosted Slingbox

Access TV from Anywhere

How to get TV on your PC, TV, Mobile)

You can access your TV stream from your Slingbox™ Wherever, Whenever and However you want. Watch on your laptop or desktop PC with a high speed internet connection or output from your PC to your big screen HD TV! You can even recieve your TV streams on your mobile device by using the appropriate application.

From the TV company to our data center, Over the Internet to YOU!

Connecting to your TV

There are many methods to connect your PC to your TV. The simplest method is to use a cable to connect the PC to the TV

Table describing the different types of video connections for from PC to TV

HDMI cables support audio signals so only one cable provides both audio and video.

Not all HDMI-enabled video cards on PC's support audio and cables for VGA, DVI, and component video do not support audio. Therefore, if using VGA, DVI, component video or an HDMI card without audio support you will need to connect a separate audio cable from your PC (optical out or 3.5mm headset) to the TV's audio input port.

If your TV doesnt have audio in or if you prefer using external speakers such as your home stereo; you can connect the audio out from your PC to them.

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